Society News

  1. Join the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society

    Emily Bissell honored on 15 cent US Commeomorative Postage Stamp 1946 Christmas Seal Block with Emily Bissell Portrait

    Join the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society at 2013 APS StampShow, Milwaukee, WI, August 8-11

    The CS&CSS will have a club table, with display and CS&CSS literature for sale. Free Christmas Seals for new members. 

    There will be a CS&CSS meeting at the show. Admission is free. Follow this link to preregister. More info to come.

  2. 1976 American Lung Association Pamphlet

    1976 American Lung Association Pamphlet, with the help of Green's Catalog, listing 76 World Wide Christmas Seal issuing countries, and crediting Denmark, as the inventor of the first "Christmas Seal" in 1904.

  3. American Lung Association releases 2011 Christmas Seal issues

    2011 ALA Christmas Seals

    The National design, as usual, one of last years design experiments with a new date; as well as 4 different new design experiments. Each of these 5 sheets was issued with a special occasion sheet with gift tags. There are also 2 different gift tag booklets, and 2 different gift tag sheets. It is likely that more varieties, particularly of the national design will turn up in the near future. The next issue of Seal News will have a report on these new issues.

  4. New Catalog/ Handbook of Mexican TB Seals

    Mexican Topical TB Seal Sheet 1967 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1973 Mexican TB Seal Sheet Mexico 1975 TB Souvenir Sheet 1977 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1985 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1989 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2000 Recalled Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2005 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2007 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2008 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2009 Mexican TB Seal Sheet

    Memoria De Las Estampillas De Lucha Contra La Tuberculosis, 70 Anos 1940-2010, by Alejandro Grossmann Epper, 79 numbered pages with 36 posters illustrated on 4 unnumbered pages in the front and back of the book. 8 ½ x 11” full color, soft cover, illustrating full sheets, used seals, tied ons, and some related TB material such as an early tb bond and tb lottery tickets, loads of information, written in Spanish.

    This handbook, as Grossmann calls it, is a must have for any serious collector of Mexican TB seals. It has the look and feel of a high priced auction catalog. The color printing is outstanding; so much so, if you were not a collector it would negate the need to collect the seals. Every page is professionally laid out; the work of a graphic artist. The official Christmas Seal website of Mexico is located at, and may be adding this book in the near future. In the meantime, the book is available from the author, Alejandro Grossmann Epper, for 20 dollars + 4.95 by Priority Mail, pay by Pay Pal to

  5. Christmas Seal® Lantern Slide CD

    1939 Lantern Slide 1914 Lantern Slide 1926 Lantern Slide Lantern Slide

    I just finished making a CD using the reference collection of John Denune, Sr. containing 109 different lantern slides The CD is available for $8.95 + $2 S&H. Most lantern slides were issued each year, and are pictured in the annual sales folder since the beginning of sales folders in the 1920’s. Some have NTA publicity images, mostly from the late 20’s and early 30’s, such as NTA Publicity #204 issued in 1927. There is also a set of 16 slide show ones, which would have been done at the same time. These may have been a predecessor of the modern 35mm slide shows made by the lung association into the 1970's. It is interesting that the slide show lantern slides, made from electrotype proofs, are the same images of the Christmas Seal still used in Scott’s Catalog.

  6. Plan Ahead to attend the next gathering of the CS&CSS Summer 2011

    2011 Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Souvenir Card

    August 11-14 2011, APS STAMPSHOW, Columbus Convention Center, Columbus. Contact Dana Guyer,; 814-933-3803 ext 217; Fax 814-933-6128.

    The CS&CSS will have a society booth with an educational display and society literature. We will also be giving awards to Christmas Seal exhibits, so submit your collections for competitive display to this show.

    Columbus, connected by high speed freeway, is only 35 miles west of Granville, and John Denune is planning a CS&CSS picnic on Saturday evening after that day of the show.

  7. Medicine through Philately, Spanish TB Seals

    Spanish TB Spain TB Sheet

    by Dr. Manuel J. Casal, see review below, 5-2010. My review was used as the Prologue.

    The finished English edition is 151 pages in full color.

    New (January 2018) Ordering Instructions: PAYMENT CONDITIONS AND SHIPPING INFORMATION

    Price………………………………………………………………………………………………20 Euros or 30 US Dollars

    Postage and Handing……………………………………………………………………. 12 Euros or 15 US Dollars

    Payment Methods : (Total amount = Price plus Postage and Handing )

    Mailed Payment in bank notes in registered letter to :

    Maria Asuncion Garcia Franquesa

    Sociedad Cientifica Anadaluza

    Vallellano 13

    14004 Cordoba


    Or : Bank Transfer. Bank Account in Spain. BBVA to :Maria Asuncion Garcia Franquesa

    cc nº : 0182 2104 42 0201526573

    IBAN: ES14 0182 2104 4202 0152 6573


    Or : Check payable a Spanish Bank , to :Maria Asuncion Garcia Franquesa