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Christmas Seals

Advanced Beginner Christmas Seal Album

43 pages, provides spaces, as required, for singles, pairs, blocks, slogan and portrait blocks, booklet panes of 1918, 1930, 1931, 1939, the 1938 deluxe pane, and full sheets from 1907 through 2012. Spaces for both types of 1907 seals are provided.

Comprehensive Christmas Seal Album

170 page specialized album providing spaces for type and perf varieties for singles, pairs, blocks and sheets (as required) 1907 through 2009. Also included are spaces for slogan blocks, portrait blocks, booklet panes, specimen overprints, some perforated proofs and essays, local overprints, US lookalikes from Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Ryukyu, Nicaragua, modern Spanish text, silver foil, etc.

Progressive Color Proofs & Imperforates Christmas Seal Album

177+ pages, provides spaces, as required, for PCP's from 1927 thru 1994 (last year issued). PCP's usually contain 7 stages and show colors separately and in combination, leading up to the complete design. This album also provides spaces for imperforate pairs, blocks, and sheets, as required, from 1917 thru 1995

Canadian National Tuberculosis Seal Album

51 pages, 1927 thru 2001, provides spaces, as required, for singles, pairs, blocks, and sheets, as well as French and English text, slogan blocks, and booklet panes. 

Other Free Christmas Seal Albums were created by Joe Ward, and published in Seal News, as follows: January 2000 US Local TB Louisiana, Summer 2003 Sister Kenny, October 2003 US Local TB Federated Women's Club, Summer 2004 US Local TB Butler County, Summer 2005 Boystown. Join the CS&CSS and access every issue of Seal News at this website.

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