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  1. National Wildlife Federation & Christmas Stamps, Specialists Handbook, by Ira Cotton

    #1 National Wildlife Federation

    National Wildlife Federation & Christmas stamps were issued from 1956 through 2000 to promote wildlife conservation and to raise funds for the charity. These stamps are interesting because of their colorful designs by leading wildlife artists and because of the many varieties in the sheets. Over 80 Christmas sheets and booklets are all illustrated in full color (headers and top row for sheets) and varieties are described in detail. Lists are provided for all sheets and booklets, over 400 stamps, artists, and stamp subjects.

    Philatelists, conservationists, wildlife topical collectors, cinderella collectors, and anyone who loves Christmas should find this handbook appealing. The handbook is available in saddle-stitched and spiral bindings. Available form the publisher,

  2. Review of pre publication, Medicine through Philately, Spanish TB Seals

    Spanish TB Seal Sheet

    Review of pre publication, Medicine through Philately, Spanish TB Seals

    Medicine through Philately, Spanish TB Seals, by Professor Manuel Casal is more than a catalog of anti tuberculosis seals of Spain. An original classification system is used, and the seals are arranged chronologically by type. Included is the history of the double barred cross and double crescent as a symbol in the fight against TB, as well as the current status of TB in the world, and in Spain, as only a microbiologist could. Professor Casal is the director of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cordoba.

    Collectors have often asked me what I knew about a particular issue, and I have been embarrassed by the lack of available information. Catalogs of TB seals generally list the name of the issuing society, the date and place of the issue. Dr. Casal has looked far and wide into the people and events surrounding these issues, making his book the definitive source for information on the subject. If it were not for Dr. Casal’s diligent efforts, much of this early rich history of Spanish TB seals would have been lost. Because of his research, this book stands out from other similar efforts, and sets a new standard for future TB seal catalogs.

    No small effort has gone into acquiring the illustrations, which are better than any other catalog of Spanish TB seals. Rare seals, almost never offered in the market are for the first time available clear and in color. Few countries in the world have a TB seal catalog as nice as this one. As editor of a similar work on US TB seals, I know this is a labor of love. I am proud to know the professor, and am delighted to see his work completed.


    John Denune, past president Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society,

    American Philatelic Society affiliate #101

  3. New Canadian Specialized TB Seal Catalog

    1961 Canadian TB Sheet 1966 Canadian TB Sheet 1969 Canadian TB Imperforate Sheet

    The National Christmas Seals of Canada, 1927-2008 by Cliff Beattie, Andrew Chung FRPSC, and Robert D. Vogel. This 119 page comb bound first edition is a specialized catalog and contains the best information on the subject.

    Order from Andrew Chung, P.O.Box 89111, Westdale RPO, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4R5 The full color edition is $79.95 or black and white for $29.95 + shipping of $4 within Canada, $8 to USA, or $16 elsewhere.

  4. 4 diff CS&CSS intaglio Engraved Souvenirs for 2009

    2009 CS&CSS Pittsburgh Souvenir Card 2009 CS&CSS Albany Souvenir Card

    2 different intaglio engraved souvenirs, printed by retired BEP printer, Mike Bean, are now available mint, or show cancelled (add .44 for each show cancelled card). Both cards are overprinted for CS&CSS participation at APS Stamp Show 2009 in Pittsburgh, and Stamp Expo 400 in Albany, making 4 diff cards in all; about 100 cards each will be printed. The price is $10 each postpaid. Both cards have 3 different intaglio vignettes, each in a different color, requiring 3 passes thru the hand fed press. The first card features 3 eagles, and the second has a scene of a trolly car, agriculture with tractor, and a steam ship. Other recent CS&CSS event souvenirs are offered near the bottom of the "CS&CSS Literature" page. Order from John Denune, CS&CSS Literature Chairman, 234 E. Broadway, Granville, OH 43023, (740) 587-0276


    Earlier News Items

    January 1, 2009

    CS&CSS Meeting at two Stamp Shows in 2009

    APS National Stampshow, Pittsburgh, PA, Aug. 6-9

    Stamp Expo 400, Albany, NY, September 25-27

    Plan to Join us at these CS&CSS Meetings. We will have a society booth at both events.


    Sept 30th, 2008

    2009 Unitrade Canadian Postage Stamp Catalogue has added TB Seals


    Sept 1st, 2008

    4 Newest CS&CSS Catalogs all won Vermeil at APS StampShow '08

    2007 Green's Foreign TB Seals, 1983-2007, by Charles Hoger, full color comb bound  or computer CD edition

    2007 Christmas Seal Buttons, by Lou Caprario, full color printed comb bound, or computer CD edition

    2007 Green's Canadian Local and Provincial TB Seals, by Cliff Beattie, 94 pages, full color, comb bound, or computer CD edition

    2008 Green's Catalog of US National Christmas Seals®, by John Denune, Jr., 172 pages, comb  bound, or 2008 computer CD edition