2015 Scott Specialized Catalogue Updates Christmas Seal Section

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The Scott Specialized Catalogue is the Bible of US postage stamp collecting, and through the help of CS&CSS member Dorsey Wheless, Christmas Seals were added in 1935. I'm happy to report that John Denune Sr, and Jr are listed in the 2015 edition as individuals who have assisted in preparing the information for the Christmas Seal section. 

Current Scott Catalogue Editor, James E. Kloetzel met the Denune's at the CS&CSS booth at APS StampShow 2013 in Milwaukee. The Denune's had contacted Scott's Catalogue about proposed changes to the Christmas Seal Section in 1982 without result so, 31 years later, this came as quite a surprize. The Editor wanted to include some earliest known useages, early errors, and to make sense out of the 1918 booklet pane varieties. Earliest known useages (EKU) of seals tied on cover (or postcard) are included thru 1935. George Painter, editor of the Tied On section of Green's Catalog provided the EKU's and is in charge of the CS&CSS ongoing census of Tied On Christmas Seals. His name should be in Scotts Catalogue too.

The Denune's wanted to correct the false statement at the end of the section, Beginning in 1979 there was no longer a single National issue..., which now reads,

"Beginning in 1979 there was more than one Christmas Seal issued each year. However collectors familar with these seals easily recognized the national issues from the design experiments. These test seals were used regionally or in targeted markets. With few exceptions, a previous year design experiment has been selected for the following year's national issue with one notable difference being the date. Starting in 1983 Spanish text Christmas Seals have been used in Spanish speaking parts of the US. In 1988 Christmas Seals branched out into Easter or Spring issues, Chanukah issues in 1997, and Kwanzaa issues in 2001."

The Denune's plan to continue to work with the Editor, correcting and adding EKU's, and hope to add errors, tied ons, 1908-1A/ 1B varieties, 1911 type 4 & 5, 1913 type 2A/ 2B varieties, 1913 type 4, and wish to see the section expand someday to include Christmas Seals issued since 1979.