The Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society

Since 1931

American Philatelic Society affiliate #101, CS&CSS is a non profit organization formed in 1931 to attract people of all ages to the hobby of Christmas Seal collecting; to provide information and resources to aid members in the pursuit of this hobby; and to assist its members in acquiring and disposing of items for their collection through our member only auction, which is published in every issue of our quarterly journal, Seal News. Joseph Ward is our CS&CSS Auction Manager,

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Our collecting interests include Christmas Seals, US and worldwide anti tuberculosis seals, other fundraising and, event seals, poster stamps, as well as seals on cover and all Cinderella Stamps.

In 2009 the CS&CSS established the Emily Bissell Award for best competitive Christmas Seal exhibit.

Members meet biannually at national and international philatelic exhibitions where their hobby and publications are on display and educational material is distributed from society booths.

Current as well as all past issues of Seal News, our award winning quarterly journal, are now available to members online at this site.

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The CS&CSS - Since 1931

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1913 type 1 US Christmas Seal, Scott #WX11

The CS&CSS publishes a quarterly journal, Seal News. Our editor, David Teisler is always interested in publishing your articles. Email him at

The  CSS&CSS publishes a large catalog of seal collecting literature. Keeping Society literature current and making it more useful is a primary goal of the CS&CSS. Green's Catalog, named for it's author, CS&CSS member #2 Dick Green, was first published in 1930, and it remains the Bible of Christmas Seal® collecting. It is divided into 3 parts, US National Christmas Seals®, US Local TB Seals, and Foreign TB Seals. Raymond Mosbaugh wrote the catalog of Worldwide Red Cross Fundraising seals, as well as the All Fund Catalog, which is divided into sections listing US fundraising seals issued for causes other than Red Cross or Tuberculosis. Nearly all titles are now available on CDs, which save on international shipping and enabling anyone with a computer to print their own catalogs. There are many recently completed and ongoing literature projects, but many still remain.

Not all seal collecting literature is published by The CS&CSS. In 1935 Christmas Seals were added to the Scott Specialized Postage Stamp Catalogue with the help of CS&CSS members including, Dorsey F. Wheless, and W. L. Kinkead, the first president of our club. Information on this, and more recent works like this are included in the "News" page.

CS&CSS Awards & Criteria

Exhibition Awards

The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Emily Bissell Award (EBA). Awarded bi-annually at the National APS show (or International show when held once every 10 years in the USA) where CS&CSS will be holding its bi-annual meeting and be decided and presented by the jury of the show only to members in good standing with CS&CSS. In order to be eligible for the EBA, the exhibit must earn a level of Large Vermeil or higher. The same member may receive this award once each six years and only for a different one-frame or multi-frame exhibit from their previous exhibit.


The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Exhibit Award (EA). This award shall be available at any APS or WSP show where an appropriate charity stamp or seal exhibit is shown. The applicable jury of the show, will determine and present the EA award to the recipient. Recipients of this award do not need to be members of CS&CSS, but must earn at least Vermeil for their exhibit. The same person can be awarded the EA multiple times every three years as long as it's for a different exhibit. If the recipient of this award is not a member of CS&CSS, they shall be offered a choice of a year's "digital only" or one-half year trial membership with CS&CSS.

A written Certificate and name plate will accompany both the EBA and EA awards. Ribbons of recognition will be attached to appropriate exhibits whenever possible that meet our collecting specialties.


Literature Award

The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Dick Green Award for Literature (DGA). Presented annually (in the Fall) by a committee of CS&CSS members consisting of at least one Board member, Awards Chair, and a member-at-large. Submission of nominations will be requested and considered. Criteria for this award will include any contribution that benefits or enhances our knowledge of Christmas seals and/or charity stamps. This will include, but not be limited to, any new books, catalogs, or journals, significant re-writes or updates of existing catalogs, literary contributions to our quarterly journal, "Seal News" and elsewhere, and any web-based resources The recipient must be a member of CS&CSS. The same member may receive this award once each six years, but only for a different literary contribution.

CS&CSS Awards

Modern Meetings of the CS&CSS

Where we had an Educational Christmas Seal Booth

1986 Ameripex, Chicago

1989 Stamp Expo '89, Washington, D. C.

1997 Pacific '97, San Francisco, CA

1997 Vapex, Virginia Beach, VA

1999 Midaphil, Kansas City, MO

2001 Ropex Rochester, NY

2003 APS Stamp Show, Columbus, OH

2006 World Philatelic Exhibition, Washington, D. C.

2007 Vapex, Williamsburg, VA

2009 APS StampShow, Pittsburgh, PA

2009 StampExpo 400, Albany, NY

2011 APS StampShow, Columbus, OH

2013 APS StampShow, Milwaukee, WI

2015 APS StampShow, Grand Rapids, MI

2016 World ShampShow, NY, NY

2018 APS StampShow, Columbus, OH

2019 Minnesota Stamp Expo, APS WPS

2019 Seattle Philatelic Exhib, APS WSP

2020 Stamp Expo, APS WSP, Mesa AZ

2020 Rocky Mountian Stamp Show, APS WSP, Denver, CO

2020 APS StampShow, Hartford, CT. Cancelled due to Covid 19

Great American Stamp Show August 2022, Sacramento, CA.

2022 Rocky Mountain Stamp Show, Denver; and Great American Stamp Show, Sacramento CA

2023 Great American Stamp Show, August 10-13, 2023. Thurs - Sat 10 am - 6 pm. Sun 10 am to 4 pm. Society meeting Saturday, 3-4pm

US Local TB Montana #1280 1909

Officers of the Society

  • Auction Manager

    Joseph Ward
    3654 Upper Applegate Road
    Jacksonville OR 97530
    (316) 882-8621

  • Membership Chairman

  • President

    Tom Richards

  • Seal News Editor

    David Teisler
    268 Linden Avenue
    Red Hook NY 12571
    1 (845) 758-9278

  • Secretary - Treasurer

    Lou Caprario
    91 Fairview Ave
    West Orange NJ 07052

  • Vice-President

    David Teisler
    268 Linden Avenue
    Red Hook NY 12571
    1 (845) 758-9278

Board of Governors

Governor and Director at Large

  • Dean Schraufnagel