Fundraising Seal Issuing Societies on the Net

Many no longer feature their fundraising seals.

The American Lung Association

Lutheran Sanatarium, Wheat Ridge, now We Raise Foundation 

The Canadian Lung Association

Danish TB Society, a disappointing site with no info on their long series of seals

Hong Kong TB Society

India TB Society

Nepal Tuberculosis Association, no mention of their seals.

US Easter Seal Society

Canadian Easter Seal Society

Holy Childhood, a Catholic fund - Their last seal was issued in 2004 and they are now selling greeting cards to raise funds for their cause.

National Wildlife Federation, History from 1938-1987, where they state the final sheet was issued. I have Annual issues thru 1997, Christmas issues thru 1998, and Spring issues thru 1995.

The Int. Union against TB - not a seal issuing society, but has an annual "Christmas Seal Exhibit & Contest" among it's Christmas Seal issuing members.

US Ethnic - Danish, Croton - on - Hudson, NY - this charity is over 100 years old and still kickin'

A very old list of addresses of TB Seal issuing societies used in the 1980's by dealers as well as those writing catalogs

A list of TB Seal issuing societies from the 1980's (3.34 MB)