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  1. International Conferences on Tuberculosis

    Dr. Robert Koch, For his discovery of the tuberculosis bacterium he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1905. London TB Congress 1901 with Dr. Robert Koch Int. Congress of TB Medal, Paris 1905 Int. Congress of TB Medal (back), Paris 1905 Int. Congress of TB Medal, Washington 1908 Int. Congress of TB Medal (back), Washington 1908 The first Conference of the International Union Against TB (IAUT) was held in 1920, Paris 1928 International TB Conference, Rome 1928 International TB Conference, Rome Int. Conference on Tuberculosis medal, 1930 Oslo 1937 International TB Conference, Lisbon, Portugal 1963 International TB Conference, Rome, Italy 1965 International TB Conference Munich, Germany 1969 International TB Conference, New York 1973 International TB Conference, Tokyo Dr. Dean Schraufnagel, MD - Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Pathology at the University of Illinois at Chicago

    The first International Gathering on TB was held in 1867, fifteen years before the TB bacteria was discovered by German Dr. Robert Koch. Other early TB gatherings include The International Congress on Tuberculosis held five times between 1899 and 1912. 

    The International Union against TB traces its origins to these early conventions of experts from around the world.

    The first Conference of the International Union Against TB (IAUT) was held in 1920, Paris, where the IUAT was formed by 31 national TB associations; and the work continues today.

    In 2020, an estimated 10 million people fell ill and 1.4 million died worldwide, and TB is present in all countries and age groups.

    The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society's own Governor and Director at Large, Dr. Dean Schraufnagel, MD, is past board member of both the IUAT (now called the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease IUATLD), and the American Lung Association.

  2. Pioneers of The National Tuberculosis Association

    Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau, 1st Pres. NTA 1905-14 1934 US Christmas Seal 2008 Dr. Livingston Trudeau Postage Stamp Dr Livingston Farrand, 1st Managing Director NTA 1905-14 Dr. Charles J. Hatfield, 2nd Managing Director NTA 1914-22 & Staff Dr. Linsly R. Williams, 3rd Managing Director NTA 1922-28 Dr. Linsly R. Williams Dr. Kendall Emerson, 4th Managing Director NTA & Emily Bissell

    From 1905-1915, Dr. Livingston Trudeau was the first President of the, then National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, whose goal was making free clinics available in every city and county for examination and treatment. Trudeau's own struggle against TB prompted him to build a sanatorium in 1884 at Saranac Lake, NY, which was featured on the 1934 Christmas Seal.

    In 2008, Trudeau was honored on a US postage stamp (proposed by The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society's own Governor and Director at Large, Dr. Dean Schraufnagel, MD).

    The first Managing Director, who served from 1904-1914, was Dr. Livingston Farrand, who guided the Association thru it's infancy to a healthy and flourishing existence. He continued to fight TB, and in 1921 became the fourth president of Cornell University.

    Dr. Charles J. Hatfield was the second Managing Director of the NTA from 1914-1922, during a period of expansion and development of it's affiliate associations. Illustrated here with his staff, possibly in 1920 when the Association split from the American Red Cross, and became the "National Tuberculosis Association".

    Dr. Linsly Williams, the NTA's third Managing Director from 1922-1928 applied business principles which resulted in continued growth. Before serving in the NTA, he ran the Rockefeller Foundation's efforts to reduce tuberculosis in France, and was awarded the French Legion of Honor.

    In 1928 Dr. Kendall Emerson became the fourth Managing Director of the NTA. Seen here with Miss Emily Bissell, designer and promoter of the first US Christmas Seal. Emerson continued serving till 1947 and thru education, mass X-ray testing, and antibiotics, he helped transform TB from a public health threat, to a manageable, curable disease.

    Our Christmas Seal collections are testaments of the achievements of the Volunteer Health Movement.

  3. TB Health Clowns

    Tuberculosis Health Clowns, Chew Chew, and Cho Cho TB Health Clowns, submitted by Gerard Madritsch

    TB Health clowns worked during the Golden Era of child TB education in America; the late teen's thru early twenties. Proper care was extending the lives of the afflicted, but a real cure wouldn't come until after WW2. Note the similar TB Clown names with distinct spelling difference; Chew Chew in Minnesota, and Cho Cho who was affiliated with The Child Health Organization of America, NY, NY. Their "Rules for the Game" include cleanliness, excercise, fresh air, a good diet, and a daily morning bowel movement.

  4. 1924 Original Christmas Seal Art

    1924 Original Christmas Seal Art, by Curtis Curtis Christmas Seals 1921, 1924, 1926 and 1929

    After nearly 100 years, this original US Christmas Seal art has come to light. George Vaughn Curtis designed four Christmas Seals; 1921, 1924, 1926, and 1929. Also included in the illustration are 2 essays, or proposed but rejected designs for 1924, and 1929. The 1924 essay is known as the Scalloped Cape, and the 1929 essay is known as the Yellow Jacket.

    With an international reputation as a painter, Curtis works appear in galleries in America and abroad. The National Tuberculosis Association employed many fine artists in the development of their Christmas Seals, but none collaborated for more years than Curtis.

    Family historian, Mark Hildebrand, great grandson of the artist's wife, is researching how Curtis became involved working for the NTA. Curtis' nephew Basil Eaves, as well as Basil's father George were deeply involved in the crusade against tuberculosis in Alabama. These men may have sought Curtis' help in designing Christmas Seals for the National Tuberculosis Association.

  5. Remembering Kristy Koala

    1985-6 ALA Kristy Koala by Mattel Toy Company 1985 T12, 1986 National Christmas Seal, 1986 T4 1986 Foil & Spanish Christmas Seals featuring Kristy Koala

    In what appeared to be an attempt to re-create the success of the Cabbage Patch doll, the American Lung Association in 1985 created Kristy Koala, a stuffed toy manufactured by Emotions, a division of the Mattel Toy Company, Inc. Of course, we collectors can't be sure which came first, the Christmas Seal featuring the toy, or the toy that appeared on the Christmas Seals. Either way, Kristy may be the first and only Christmas Seal stuffed toy, and first appeared on Greens #1985 T12 design experiment. Design experiment Christmas Seals first appeared in 1979, and since 1981, almost without exception our Nationally used Christmas Seal was selected from a previous year design experiment, with one notable difference being the date. the 1986 National Christmas Seal was selected from that 1985 T12 design experiment and Kristy Koala was also was featured on the 1986 Silver foil, 1986 Spanish, and 1986 T4 design experiment. Collectors only became aware of the 1985 T12 design experiment after the other design experiments were released that year, and is a scarce item indeed. Kristy, the plush toy was available for a $25 donation through the ALA. I happened upon some in clearance at the J C Penny outlet in Columbus Ohio in the late 1980's, and recognized them as the treasure they are.

  6. Christmas Seal Group on Facebook

    1920 Christmas Seal Bond 1911 type 4 Christmas Seal tied on, one of 11 known, the only non Los Angeles postmark.

    Created July 30th, 2017 they are now 383 members strong. CS&CSS member Brian McInturff is the creator and Admin since its inception. A private Facebook group, so you must apply for membership. An incredible resource of images and information, with many collectors ready to answer your Christmas Seal questions. I feel like I have dropped the ball, and should have known about this group and reported on it much earlier.

    Their mission:

    For the discussion of all types of Christmas Seals. Locals, U.S., Foreign, Private, and Red Cross. Not only the seals but anything from paraphernalia to ephemera including posters, displays, pins, toys, flyers, etc.

    Hoping to further the advancement of Christmas Seal collecting and the Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society.


  7. Merry Christmas from The CS&CSS

    2021 CS&CSS Christmas Seal Christmas Card front 2021 CS&CSS Christmas Seal Christmas Card interior

    Download and print your own free 2021 Christmas cards featuring interesting and rare early US Christmas Seals.

    Print page one only, turn the page 180 degrees; then print page 2. Finally, fold the 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper horizontally, then vertically, and your card will fit in a standard small Christmas card envelope.

    If you didn't get any Christmas Seal this year, try calling 1-800-LUNG-USA

    PDF icon Christmas Card 2021.pdf
  8. Newly Discovered Seals

    1908 Victoria, BC anti Tuberculosis label tied on Unlisted 1912 Bay City Civic League TB Christmas Seal tied on

    The 1908 Victoria, BC appears to be a very early and exceedingly rare Canadian Local TB. The 1912 Bay City Civic League, US local TB Christmas Seal, is also unlisted.

    Bay City is included in an early list of institutions, Associations & Agencies Dealing with TB in the US & Canada - published by The Nat Assn for the Study & Prevention of TB; as follows: BAY CITY Civic League Free Dispensary, 609 Fífth Avenue (1908) : Hours: — Daily from 4.30 to 5.30 P. M. Physician in Charge:— Dr. F. E. Ruggles, Chairman oí Medical Staff.

    This information supplied by Brian McInturff.

  9. US Local TB Original Artwork

    Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art Waukesha US Local TB Christmas Seal Original Art

    Waukesha County Council for Child Welfare Sussex, WI. issued charitable US Local TB Seals from 1943 through 1962, Green's numbers 3302-3321. This unique collection of original artwork is oversized, most measuring 8x10", and is from the collection of John Denune, by way of Charles Lorenz, who ran a collector's service for the National Tuberculosis Association.

  10. Scott Specialized continues expanding Christmas Seal Section

    Scott Specialized US Postage Stamp Catalogue

    The Scott Specialized Catalogue of US Postage Stamps has continued expanding the Christmas Seal section for the 7th year. This year many Christmas Seal errors were added.

    The CS&CSS is very gratful for the efforts of Scott Specialized Catalogue, and our members who work with them.

    Order your Scott Specialized Catalogue from the publisher, Amos Media.