Topical Collecting

Topical Collecting: Fish on Cinderella Stamps Topical Collecting: Fish on Cinderella Stamps Topical Collecting: Fish on Mexican Christmas Seals Topical Christmas Seals: Fish, Brazil TB Topical Christmas Seals: Fish, Rhodesia Topical Collecting: Fish on Christmas Seals Topical Collecting: Fish on Revenue Stamps 1913 German Tropical Fish Event

Topical or thematic cinderella stamp collecting is the collecting of non postal, stamp like labels relating to a particular subject. Topics can be almost anything, from fish, birds, trains, poets, famous physicians, and scientists, along with historical people and events. Topical collecting allows people to combine an interest in a topic and an interest in cinderella stamp collecting. It’s easy to get started in topical collecting, and yet it offers continuing challenges and enjoyment for advanced collectors. 

The American Topical Association (ATA) is the world's largest organization for stamp collectors who focus on specific topics. When these collectors begin to run out of postage stamps in their topic, they often become keenly interested in cinderella stamps, which are virtually anything resembling a postage stamp, but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration. Here I have included European Poster Stamps issued for tropical fish events, TB Christmas Seals featuring fish, and State Fishing Revenue (tax) stamps.

Topical collecting is a recognized category for competitive exhibitions and has its own Commission with the FIP (International Stamp Collecting Federation).