Christmas Seal® Lantern Slide CD

1939 Lantern Slide 1914 Lantern Slide 1926 Lantern Slide Lantern Slide

I just finished making a CD using the reference collection of John Denune, Sr. containing 109 different lantern slides The CD is available for $8.95 + $2 S&H. Most lantern slides were issued each year, and are pictured in the annual sales folder since the beginning of sales folders in the 1920’s. Some have NTA publicity images, mostly from the late 20’s and early 30’s, such as NTA Publicity #204 issued in 1927. There is also a set of 16 slide show ones, which would have been done at the same time. These may have been a predecessor of the modern 35mm slide shows made by the lung association into the 1970's. It is interesting that the slide show lantern slides, made from electrotype proofs, are the same images of the Christmas Seal still used in Scott’s Catalog.