New Catalog/ Handbook of Mexican TB Seals

Mexican Topical TB Seal Sheet 1967 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1973 Mexican TB Seal Sheet Mexico 1975 TB Souvenir Sheet 1977 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1985 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 1989 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2000 Recalled Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2005 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2007 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2008 Mexican TB Seal Sheet 2009 Mexican TB Seal Sheet

Memoria De Las Estampillas De Lucha Contra La Tuberculosis, 70 Anos 1940-2010, by Alejandro Grossmann Epper, 79 numbered pages with 36 posters illustrated on 4 unnumbered pages in the front and back of the book. 8 ½ x 11” full color, soft cover, illustrating full sheets, used seals, tied ons, and some related TB material such as an early tb bond and tb lottery tickets, loads of information, written in Spanish.

This handbook, as Grossmann calls it, is a must have for any serious collector of Mexican TB seals. It has the look and feel of a high priced auction catalog. The color printing is outstanding; so much so, if you were not a collector it would negate the need to collect the seals. Every page is professionally laid out; the work of a graphic artist. The official Christmas Seal website of Mexico is located at, and may be adding this book in the near future. In the meantime, the book is available from the author, Alejandro Grossmann Epper, for 20 dollars + 4.95 by Priority Mail, pay by Pay Pal to