Upcoming Bi-Annual Gathering of CS&CSS - APS StampShow 2018

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The next bi-annual gathering of the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society will be at APS StampShow this Summer, August 9-12 in Columbus Ohio. The event will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Exhibit Hall B.

APS Website with links to hotel information. https://stamps.org/STAMPSHOW-SS

Our society booth, #109 (go left at the entrance, and we are very near the front left corner of the hall) will display some of the fascinating material we collect, as well as a full array of society literature. It is important to remind the philatelic community that we are alive and well, and we will be offering free seals to new members, as well as all interested individuals. The show opens to the public everyday at 10 am, however If you signed up to work the society booth, you can pick up your society badge at the preregistration desk. This will allow you to gain entrance early: Wednesday from 2-7 pm, Thursday 8 am, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 am, and Sunday at 9 am.

Our meeting is Saturday 10:30 am in room B 234. Member Bob Blum will speak “Images of Christmas Seal rarities, essays, proofs, & Local TB, from the collection of J.L. Cooprider”. That evening, 7 pm picnic at the Denune's (234 E. Broadway, Granville 43055), just 45 minutes away.

CS&CSS Emily Bissell, and Exhibit Awards will be up for grabs in Columbus, and presented at the show. Go to the Homepage to read about the criteria.

A set of 2 different intaglio engraved souvenir cards were issued by the CS&CSS for StampShow 2018. Only 50 sets were produced from original Mike Bean prints. This, and other CS&CSS souvenirs are offered at the bottom of the Literature page, on the top menu at this website.