Holy Childhood Catholic Christmas Seals & Unlisted 1943 Poster

Holy Childhood #1 1915 Catholic Christmas Seal Holy Childhood #1 1915 Catholic Christmas Seal Tied On 1916 Holy Childhood Christmas Seal Tied on 1917 Holy Childhood Christmas Seal Tied on, LATE USAGE? 1943 Holy Childhood Christmas Seal Poster Holy Childhood Christmas Seals 1918-27 1928-40 Holy Childhood Christmas Seals 1941-54 Holy Childhood Christmas Seals Holy Childhood Christmas Seals 1955-69

Holy Childhood is a Catholic Fund that has issued Christmas Seals since 1915, making it one of the earliest and longest running Christmas Seal series. Their last seal was issued in 2004 and they are now selling greeting cards to raise funds for their cause. These seals were not issued to fight tuberculosis, and Holy Childhood's numerous early references to their issues as "Christmas Seals" predate by decades, the 1987 trademark held by the American Lung Association. Their first issue was used for two or three years beginning in 1915 and is a rare item indeed. The 1918 HC Christmas Seal is known tied on in 1917 and could have been used for two years. HC is listed in Mosbaugh's US All Fund Catalog, Catholic section 3, #248. The 1943 HC poster is unlisted, and measures 13 x 20 inches.