Many Charities Removed From 1st Ed. All Fund Catalog

Juanita Burns Solo Flight Tacoma Citizens Emergency Unemployment Bureau National Hospital Day Fire Prevention Seals Covered Bridge Poster Stamps Filling Station Union Day Nursery, Scranton, PA. Tied On

Ray Mosbaugh's US All Fund Catalog lists US fundraising seals issued for causes other than Red Cross or TB. The first edition, 1961-3, was divided into 4 sections. 1) Domestic Funds, 2) Catholic, 3) Foreign, and 4) Jewish.

In later editions, the original Section 1, Domestic Funds was divided into 9 new sections; 1) Patriotic & Veteran, 2) Fraternal & Civic, 4) Lutheran, 6) Religious & Philosophical, 6a) American Bible Society, 8) Pets, Plants & Wildlife, 9) Medical, 9a) Easter, and 10) Miscellaneous.

The original Catholic, Section 2 became Section 3; The original Foreign Section 3, became Ethnic Section 7, and the original Jewish Section 4, became Section 5.

Many societies were removed from the original Section 1, Domestic Funds. Mosbaugh may have decided their purpose was not purely fundraising. Regardless of the use of these seals, they include many that are very interesting. It is my hope that a collector will take an interest in this and create a new catalog, something like; Forgotten Seals; Funds ? removed from 1st Ed. All Fund.

Some Societies Removed from Old All Fund, Domestic Section
page 12 America Friends Service Committee
page 24 Aqualante
page 25 Associated Charities
page 25 Associated Councils for Social Engineering
page 30 Billy Graham Crusades
page 31 Bishops Guild
page 37 Business Recovery Association
page 38 California Pet Owners League
page 46 Chiropractic Seals
page 46-47 Citizens Service Commission
page 49 Covered Bridge Stamps
page 51 Demolay
page 53 Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
page 58 Esperanto Association of North America
page 60 Farmer Labor Party
page 60 Father Divine
page 61 Filling Station Employees Union
page 62 First Victory Campaign Fund
page 63 General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Library Fund
page 64 Girard College
page 67 Green Cross
page 68 Henry George School of Social Science
page 68 Hiram College
page 68 Honor Stamp for Distinguished Service
page 68 Hospital Seals Incorporated
page 70 Illinois State Board of Health
page 70 Illinois Motor Safety Association
page 72 Industrial Workers of the World
page 75 Int. Printing Pressmens and Assistants Union of N.A.
page 76 Juanita Burns Solo Flight Around the World
page 78 Manatee County Underprivileged Child Fund
page 79-80 Ku Klux Klan
page 80 Labor Center
page 80 La Jolla Merchants Association
page 80 Lamar Memorial
page 82 Liberty Seal Distributors
page 86 Little Wanders Aid Society
page 86 Los Angeles Safety First Association
page 92 Maccabees
page 92 March on Washington Movement, African American
page 92 Marine Rule in Nicaragua
page 93 McDonald Territory
page 94 Men and Religion
page 94 Mexico (MO) High School PTA
page 94 Miami Police Benevolent Association
page 94 Michigan Junior OUMA
page 95 Missions Publishing Fund
page 101-103 National Bureau of Fire Underwriters
page 106-107 National Fire Protection Association
page 107 National Fire Seals Fund Raising Company
page 108-109 National Hospital Day
page 109-110 National One Cent Letter Postage Association
page 111 National Rifle Association
page 111 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
page 117 National Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association
page 133 Scranton Pennsylvania Day Nursery
page 139 Tacoma Citizens Emergency Unemployment Bureau

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