Unique 1913-4 Christmas Seal Tied On

1913 type 4 US Christmas Seal Tiedon

Submitted by CS&CSS member Michael Willis, who says about it:
I "acquired" it as a teen. My father was a career naval officer who was also a buyer and seller of collections while we moved around. He purchased a huge lot of stamps that included a cigar box full of miscellaneous stuff from around the world which he sold me for I think $20. In it, I found this card and I just stuck it away with my other accumulated "collection" and eventually realized its rarity.

The origin of the type 4 seal is not known. Green's Catalog states: Unknown Printer, A very good copy of Type 2 but slightly smaller, with green dotted lines between seals which resemble rouletting, red and green on heavy manila paper, ungummed, 35×21½mm, imperforate. Copies exist with printing on back.

This only known 1913 type 4 tied on was published in Seal News some years ago, and appears in CS&CSS member George Painter's census of tied ons. It is unfortunate that the glue used to affix the seal is burning through, but like the British Guiana one cent Magenta with the corners cut off, it is still unique. However, unlike the world's most valuable postage stamp, which sold 3 years ago for nearly 9.5 million USD, the value of this tied on is estimated to be $2,000.00