Early Christmas Seal Dealers

A. W. Dunning's Christmas Seal/ Poster Stamp Pricelists 1941 Ben Morris Christmas Seal Pricelist 1932 L. H. Jackson Christmas Seal Pricelist

One of the earliest Christmas Seal dealers was a well known stamp dealer, A. W. Dunning, who was written about by philatelic historian, Herman Herst. In the 1930's Elmer Long dealt in stamps as well as Christmas Seals. Vernon Bressler worked for Long, and eventually purchased his Christmas Seal inventory. Vernon Bressler was a well known Christmas Seal dealer for decades, working into the 1990's. A copy of his 1969-70 Christmas Seal Handbook was submitted by CS&CSS member, George Painter. Bressler, and Long before him used illustrations by professional cartoonist, Couthard.
Many members of the Christmas Seal & Charity stamp society were also dealers. Amy Ellen Davis, and Charles Lorenz, who ran a collector service for the National Tuberculosis Association, before purchasing the inventory, were two of them.

PDF icon Burton Price List ca 1937.PDF PDF icon 1969-70 Vernon Bressler Christmas Seal Handbook Pricelist.pdf