Early Tropical Fish Events & The Haile Selassie Ethiopian Fund & 1935 Christmas Seal Song

Tropical Angel Fish Early Event Poster Stamps Ethiopian Haile Selassie Fund Poster, Harlem, NY - Poster - Front Ethiopian Haile Selassie Fund Poster, Harlem, NY - Poster - Back 1935 Christmas Seal Song

I love these early European tropical fish events. At one time I had 7 fish tanks and have bred quite a few different species, including Pterophyllum scalare, the fresh water angelfish pictured here. Occasionally, I wish I had the space for a tank, but instantly recall that collecting seals is a lot less work.

Going thru a fine reference collection of Ethnic Seals listed in Mosbaugh's All Fund Catalog; came across a fascinating Haile Selassie Ethiopian fundraising poster. This US Fund was sold in Harlem, NY.

The 1935 "March of the Christmas Seal" Song, written by Ruby Erwin Livingston and Kate Strauss Shibley, was dedicated to Erle Chambers, Executive Secretary of the Arkansas TB Association.