HBO Boardwalk Empire Series Pictures unlisted 1918 TB Poster

1918 American Social Hygiene Association, US Local TB Christmas Seal #84A

US Local #84A was issued in 1918 by the American Social Hygiene Association. One of the more visually appealing US local anti tuberculosis seals, this association was not afraid to tackle venereal disease. It is not known if this society issued a poster of the same design, or if this was merely the work of a producer who stumbled on the intriguing design and interesting subject matter, photo shopping the seal into a poster, but if you watch episode 7 "Home" of season 1, you will see the poster hanging on the wall of a doctor's office.

HBO Boardwalk Empire, 2010-14 is R rated and the story of gangsters and crooked politicians, loosely based in fact, emerging in 1920 at the beginning of prohibition. The series stars Steve Buscemi playing Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, fictional 1920's Treasurer of Atlantic City, NJ.