Unlisted Finnish TB Christmas Cards

1946, 2 different fronts 1946, 2 different backs 1946, 2 different insides 1952, 2 different fronts 1952, 2 different backs 1952, 2 different insides 1954, 2 different fronts 1954, 2 different backs 1954, 2 different insides

TB Seals issued during the Christmas season are well cataloged, but many "Back of the Book" related items are not. Related material used in Christmas Seal campaigns includes bonds, buttons, coffee mugs, lantern slides, ladies scarfs, letterheads, milk bottle caps & collars, package inserts, pamphlets, posters, transit passes, etc.
These Finnish Christmas Cards were created by their National TB Association in 1946, 1952 and 1954, as well as two later ones unidentified by year. The entire collection of 19 different cards is viewable in the pdf file, below. This unique collection was shipped to Europe in 2016, and lost in the mail.

PDF icon finland TB Christmas Cards.pdf