New Discovery - 2009 Design Experiment

2009 Vanderdasson Design Experiment Sheet

Since 1980 US Christmas Seal designs have been selected from a previous years design experiment, with one notable difference being the date. James Hale, Christmas Seal collector and National Director of the Christmas Seal Campaign from 1979 to 1985, submitted this image after I told him it was unlisted in Green's Catalog. The William Vanderdasson design experiment is a modern raritity.

A proposed Green's number and description was submitted to Green's Catalog Chairperson, Dr. Stephen Nawrocki. Email him at

2009-T7 Cardinals & Snowmen, Silver foil border, 5 different designs each with “Merry Christmas 2009” or “Season’s Greetings 2009”, self adhesive, serpentine die cut. Designed by William Vanderdasson.
x1) sheet of 56 without gift tags (8x7), margin on 4 sides. “R10-CSCS-4-18” in bottom margin.