Remembering Kristy Koala

1985-6 ALA Kristy Koala by Mattel Toy Company 1985 T12, 1986 National Christmas Seal, 1986 T4 1986 Foil & Spanish Christmas Seals featuring Kristy Koala

In what appeared to be an attempt to re-create the success of the Cabbage Patch doll, the American Lung Association in 1985 created Kristy Koala, a stuffed toy manufactured by Emotions, a division of the Mattel Toy Company, Inc. Of course, we collectors can't be sure which came first, the Christmas Seal featuring the toy, or the toy that appeared on the Christmas Seals. Either way, Kristy may be the first and only Christmas Seal stuffed toy, and first appeared on Greens #1985 T12 design experiment. Design experiment Christmas Seals first appeared in 1979, and since 1981, almost without exception our Nationally used Christmas Seal was selected from a previous year design experiment, with one notable difference being the date. the 1986 National Christmas Seal was selected from that 1985 T12 design experiment and Kristy Koala was also was featured on the 1986 Silver foil, 1986 Spanish, and 1986 T4 design experiment. Collectors only became aware of the 1985 T12 design experiment after the other design experiments were released that year, and is a scarce item indeed. Kristy, the plush toy was available for a $25 donation through the ALA. I happened upon some in clearance at the J C Penny outlet in Columbus Ohio in the late 1980's, and recognized them as the treasure they are.