Newly Discovered Seals

1908 Victoria, BC anti Tuberculosis label tied on Unlisted 1912 Bay City Civic League TB Christmas Seal tied on

The 1908 Victoria, BC appears to be a very early and exceedingly rare Canadian Local TB. The 1912 Bay City Civic League, US local TB Christmas Seal, is also unlisted.

Bay City is included in an early list of institutions, Associations & Agencies Dealing with TB in the US & Canada - published by The Nat Assn for the Study & Prevention of TB; as follows: BAY CITY Civic League Free Dispensary, 609 Fífth Avenue (1908) : Hours: — Daily from 4.30 to 5.30 P. M. Physician in Charge:— Dr. F. E. Ruggles, Chairman oí Medical Staff.

This information supplied by Brian McInturff.