The National Christmas Seals of Canada 1927 - 2018

Canadian National Christmas Seals

Cliff A. Beattie, Andrew Chung and Robert D. Vogel
Released November 2019.
182 pages, 8.5 × 11, Spiral bound.
Colour C$ 38.00 [ISBN 978-1-989280-02-7].

This second edition of The National Christmas Seals of Canada 1927-2018 includes new National Christmas Seals since 2008, Quebec Christmas Seals and Country Hearts and Country Valentines to 2018, and Spring Seals to 2019 plus new discoveries and updates. New topics include the annual Christmas Seal sale and campaign letters; Christmas Seal errors, freaks and oddities; and ornaments and Christmas Seals issued by the provincial associations of The Lung Association.

Andrew Chung has been active in Canadian philately since the mid-1970s. His collecting interests are Canada Christmas Seals, Replacement and Publicity first day covers of the Canada Post Office, postage due use, postal notes and money orders, postal rates and fees of the Elizabethan era, Universal Postal Union (UPU) and Postal Union of the Americas and Spain (PUAS) presentation items, and reply coupons (including Newfoundland).

Cliff Beattie began collecting in 1960. In 1970, his collecting endeavours expanded to include Canadian National Christmas Seals, including the Local Christmas Seals issued by various sanatoriums in Canada. In 2008, he collaborated with Andrew Chung and Bob Vogel to create a first edition of the National Christmas Seals of Canada Catalogue and now, in 2019, he has again worked with Andrew and Bob to create the second edition.

Bob Vogel began collecting mint and used Canada in 1964. In 1970, his interest turned to the postal history of Muskoka District and he gradually assembled a comprehensive collection, exhibiting it at the local level. In the mid-1990s his interest changed to the postal history of Berlin/Kitchener, Ontario, focusing on the machine cancels of that community, and he exhibited at National level. In addition to his involvement with the Christmas Seal catalogue, Bob is also the Chairman of the BNAPS First Day Cover Study Group.