Hall, One of the First Families of Christmas Seals

Korean TB Christmas Seal Tied On Rosetta Hall postcards with tied Korean Christmas Seals Rosetta Hall postcards with tied Korean Christmas Seals 1932 Korean TB Christmas Seal 1932 (1937 reprint), 1933, and 1934 Korean TB Christmas Seals 1935 (type 1 & 2) and 1936 Korean TB Christmas Seals 1936 Korean TB Christmas Seal Souvenir Sheet 1937, and 1938 Korean TB Christmas Seals 1939 Gutter pair Korean TB Christmas Seal 9th year (1940) Korean TB Christmas Seal Sheet Indian TB Christmas Seal Sheets 1941-49 1946 Indian TB Christmas Seal Souvenir Sheet Indian TB Christmas Seal Greeting Cards Pakistan TB Christmas Seals 1949-51 #1-3

Dr Sherwood Hall, MD was the son of James and Rosetta Hall, medical missionaries (Methodist Episcopal) to China and Korea. Rosetta was famous in her own rite for founding the first women's medical school in Korea. The Korean and Indian postcards with seals tied on were sent from her (in the USA) to various people including an early seal collector, CS&CSS member, Alice Westphal.

Dr. Sherwood Hall issued the first Christmas Seals in Korea, India, and Pakistan.

In 1928 Dr. Sherwood Hall built a TB Sanatarium in Haeju, Hwanghaedo Province of Korea. Hall's first Korean Christmas Seal was issued in 1932. Later reprinted in 1937 with a larger "D" in "AND". Hall's last Korean Christmas Seal issue was in 1940. The first printing with "1940" date is very rare. Only a few escaped destruction by the Japanese occupational government. Supply and demand have made it the most valuable Christmas Seal in the world, and one can expect to pay $1500 for a copy. This Christmas Seal was reissued with "Ninth Year" replacing the date. Hall, accused of being an American spy, was forced to leave the country by the Japanese.

By Christmas 1941 Hall issued the first Indian TB Christmas Seal. His Indian issues have a similar quaint style to the Korean issues, and similar related material, like Christmas Seal Greeting Cards, and Christmas Seal Souvenir Sheets were used in both countries. The first two Christmas Seals of Pakistan, issued by Hall in 1949 and 1950 appear identical to Indian issues, except the marginal inscription on the sheet includes "Pakistan". Hall's third Pakistani Christmas Seal, issued in 1951 has the same design used in India in 1942 and 1947, but without date.


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