Green's TB Seal Catalog Updates

Green's TB Seal Catalogs, by Dan Cousineau Green's TB Seal Catalogs, by Dan Cousineau

In a short time, the late Dan Cousineau managed to update (rewrite from start to finish) much of Green's part 3, Foreign TB Seals, before he passed away September 2023. Dan will be missed. Brian McInturff (editor of Green's part 2, US Local TB Seals), Dan's friend, fellow member and collector, has graciously taken on the responsibility of finishing his work, which consists mostly of Europe less Germany and Denmark. You will hear more from Brian in the next issue of Seal News. So, Asia, South America, Africa, Caribbean & Central America, Denmark and Germany are now available (printed and CD) for sale at this site, on the Literature page, Green's Catalogs Section. Dan's Russian TB Seal album, Illustrating these rare TB seals in full color, is also available.