First US Christmas Seal, Early History, by George Painter

Watch out for the Christmas Stamps Seals go on Sale in Wilmington Wilmington Delaware Sales Booth Clinic to be Saved Seals on Sale in Philadelphia Philadelphia Nurse Holding Sheet of Seals 1907 Type 2 Christmas Seal on Sale in Philadelphia Letters Wanting Annual Seals 1907 Kansas City Star Christmas Seal Article

These fascinating early Wilmington and Philadelphia newspaper articles, submitted by George Painter, include a photo of a Wilmington sales booth, a tiny teaser ad before they went on sale, two Leigh Mitchell Hodges ads in the Philadelphia North American, and supportive letters to the editor. The first articles are from the Wilmington Morning News and the Philadelphia North American.

George continues..."I just discovered the first newspaper article from west of the Mississippi about the 1907 seal. As more newspapers are added to chronicalingamerica and, there may be more. This is vital information to help with authentication of postmarks on 1907s outside of Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Washington (also using the newspaper publication dates in a particular area). There are now 12 Pennsylvania newspapers outside Philadelphia with December 1907 articles. Two of those are Reading and Chambersburg, both with known authentic tied 1907s. Obviously, the Pennsylvania Red Cross did a great job of publicizing the seals in the state. I also found the first upstate New York reference - Elmira on Dec. 23."