1924 Original Christmas Seal Art

1924 Original Christmas Seal Art, by Curtis Curtis Christmas Seals 1921, 1924, 1926 and 1929

After nearly 100 years, this original US Christmas Seal art has come to light. George Vaughn Curtis designed four Christmas Seals; 1921, 1924, 1926, and 1929. Also included in the illustration are 2 essays, or proposed but rejected designs for 1924, and 1929. The 1924 essay is known as the Scalloped Cape, and the 1929 essay is known as the Yellow Jacket.

With an international reputation as a painter, Curtis works appear in galleries in America and abroad. The National Tuberculosis Association employed many fine artists in the development of their Christmas Seals, but none collaborated for more years than Curtis.

Family historian, Mark Hildebrand, great grandson of the artist's wife, is researching how Curtis became involved working for the NTA. Curtis' nephew Basil Eaves, as well as Basil's father George were deeply involved in the crusade against tuberculosis in Alabama. These men may have sought Curtis' help in designing Christmas Seals for the National Tuberculosis Association.